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Bastion (RX3 Remix) Bastion (RX3 Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good song! here are my thoughts:
one thing i didn't like of your song was how everything seemed to have a high pass filter attached to it, this makes many of your synths sound thin, for example during the breakdown section (starting at about 0:45) the cymbals, the main square lead, and the noise rise at about 1:25 feel thin, and the bass feels too high. it makes the song seem like it's missing a foundation and it lacks fullness which is really necessary during the breakdown. of course your song doesn't sound professional quality, part of the reason why has to do with that.

good parts included the piano intro, which was quite excellent in building a mood, and the bass drop (2:30) which surprised me (in a good way!), though i do agree that the hardcore dubstep is a bit out of place in this song.

Escaping Earth Escaping Earth

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice work on the synths, they are diverse and interesting.

You need bigger drums. You have some beats entering at about 0:30 but that doesn't cut it. I mean, a big kick and snare that drives the piece would really work wonders. sometimes in the big moments of your song there is a lack of something in the low register, which makes the song feel like it's missing some sort of a foundation. a kick drum can fill that void.

Overall pretty good, actually

Plague Doctor Plague Doctor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well put together.

Specific thoughts:
At some point in the song you should hand over control from the main aggressive saw synth. 3 minutes of the same synth and at the same rhythm playing the same set of chords is rather tiring. Introduce a new melody and instrument; alternatively, use something you already have, the slides on the buzzy square bass are really great and i'm surprised you didn't bring that bass out more.

be careful with mixing. in quiet parts that main synth is slightly overpowering. In climax sections you bring in the drums, bass, etc. and the main synth is somewhat drowned out.

keep making music!