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2012-01-29 22:35:32 by square-spirit

yeah, you heard him.

-----Dreambeat (dance)-----
-----Melody Blender (drum n bass)-----

I've been procrastinating the release for a while since I'm busy with school, so here it finally is.

other stuff...

Hooray my first news post.

I finally got a real version of FL studio, great program with lots of functionality. now i can save my

yes, I haven't been on Newgrounds for a long time. in fact, I haven't viewed my own account page for a few months. it's a very stupid reason that I don't want to talk about. But, i'm back up!

any ideas how to get those CD covers working? Newgrounds keeps telling me that my GIFs have transparencies in them somewhere.

hope to upload more things soon, if I'm not too busy.

thanks for viewing my page!


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2012-01-29 23:17:41

To help you with your CD problem:
First make sure the cover is in GIF format and 46 X 46 pixels. If your having problems with transparency go back into your art studio and edit your icon. an easy way to delete transparency is to put a slide underneath the main icon and paint the bottom in the color of you preference with opacity at 100%. If your using paint...then i don't know what to tell you...

Your icon has transparency on the outside of the circle. just fill in the outer edges with a color and that should fix your problem. Hope it helped!